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Strangeness Blog turns One!

Written by  on February 15, 2013

Strangeness Blog is now 1 year old. As a way of telling myself to get off my ass and actually post something, I have posted the prologue to my story “Space Junk”.
I wrote this chapter last July, and then forgot about it until the other day. Hopefully from here on out, I’ll at least try to roll out a new chapter a month or so.

I made some changes to my plot line a  bit from the previous revision. This was necessary since I’ve kept the sane time and location when I started writing it back in 2007. It was set to take place in the year 2014, but seeing it was a year away, that doesn’t seem plausible, so I set a generic time somewhere within the next twenty years or so. In addition, I’ve pulled a bit more current events in relation, since I want to make the time period seem a bit like the beginning of a very doom and gloom situation.

I’m also in the middle of developing a nice looking theme for WordPress at the moment. For someone who hasn’t touched HTML in the past decade almost with the exception of using very basic tags to do posts on sites elsewhere, getting anything that looks nice seems to be an uphill battle. My goal is to try and get a retro looking theme (think the old monochrome green monitors with a melting text logo). Since my spring break is in a few weeks, I think I’ll try to spend some time working on it.

Curse laziness

Written by  on August 20, 2012

So… after throwing out most of my website and switching this site over to a blog where I can do long, drawn out educational rants (usually), I’ve never really bothered fixing hyperlinks across several old pages I had posted. One of which is my book I’ve been writing since 2007, Space Junk. Basically, I copied the old html pages to wordpress pages and never bothered fixing the hyperlinks that listed chapter names. Since I’ve decided to rewrite various parts I’ve already rewritten (this would be revision 14 if I recall), I just decided to disable the links for the time being and hide them from being accessible here on wordpress until I am certain I have most of my errors in the newer draft removed. Seeing that I’m currently working a full time job and doing full time credit hours at school, this basically will take a while like usual. I’m still aiming for a 2014 completion date for getting the whole story written, but for now, I don’t think I’ll get any of it done for the next few months.


Spring break book writing

Written by  on March 8, 2012

I neglected “Space Junk” for a full year. That’s nothing new actually. Being that I started writing the actual book itself back in 2007, I only have managed to complete six chapters, totaling about 50 pages, and out of those six, only 3 are proofread and publishable.

Looking back at what I wrote starting in 2007, some things have happened that require me to make some several significant changes to the storyline. First thing is I guess I was somewhat correct about issues involving ISPs and the government being able to disconnect everyone in the United States from the internet. Last year in 2011, Congress passed a law allowing the President of the US to kill the internet in this country during times of national security. Okay, so that seems correct.

Next for the setting of the year 2014, that seems a little unreasonable now. It’s 2012 and a lot of what I predicted in 2007 that would happen in 2014 is not going to happen now. It’s very unlikely that Hilliary Clinton will be president during that time- I assumed in 2007 that she would of been the democratic nominee and would have became president. Oh well.

Instead of revising 6 chapters worth of stuff, I ended up deciding to rewrite a lot of what I had already, although keeping a good majority of it and just massively changing it. This puts me around Revision 14 or so since I came up with the idea of writing this book in 2004. On the bright side, this allows me to do some more experimentation with character views. I decided instead of having the entire story being told in Jim’s point of view, to distribute it across four of the characters. I have absolutely no clue how most book writers do this, so this will be a nice try.


I wonder how book writers take time to write things like this and get them flowing decently.