This blog is basically about weird ideas and rants by myself, and occasionally other guest posters. My goal of this blog is to try and post things you wouldn’t normally see discussed on social media sites and to keep alive the idea that all things do not have to be centralized on large websites. I don’t expect a lot of page views here, but my thought by posting things on this blog, I’m putting ideas towards humanity that some people may or may not want.

If you came from the site Strangeness Networks, this is technically the official blog of that site. I’ve had the domain just link straight here for several years now as the project I had intended for that site (an alternative media site with a 90’s/early 00’s feel) never fully got off the ground. I might eventually split the two sites back up again if I have the time again to dedicate to it.

About the Author:

You can just call me P.

I’m a bit of an unusual guy I guess, I have spent several years of my life looking at what exactly I wanted to do for the rest of it, and settled on being an engineer, as my goal in life is to better humanity in one way or another.

I am a vintage computer/electronics enthusiast. One of my side projects is being a co-maintainer of the the technology blog/forum Operation ABW (OABW) which is updated just as frequently as this blog is. I was also a moderator/admin/member of various similar other sites when I was younger.

I’m a somewhat of a hobby bookwriter, however a very unmotivated one. I’ve been working on a book called “Space Junk” (That’s the working title) over the course of 10+ years. As I believe in freedom of information, I try to publish all the chapters online as I complete and revise them under the Creative Commons license. My reason for is stated below.

Some of my unusual views include:

  • I support the switchover of the United States to the Metric system.
  • I believe that some day in the not too distant future, that there will be a cultural alliance of nations between Canada, the United States, and other various former British commonwealth countries.
  • I believe in better control over education. Basically involving a tier system where children are deeply psychologically and mentally examined over a 10 year period of childhood where the child is slightly more nudged towards a career path that would benefit their lives.
  • I do not believe in selfishness, to an extent. I believe humanity needs to work together as one to improve on itself, and not engage in bitter arguments over which celebrity flashed their tits to the public the other day.
  • I do not believe in copyright law as it stands today. Copyrights and patents are being used to stifle innovation, and for rich executives to make more money without creating. Any form of creativity that isn’t under control ends up being sued or shoved out of the way into oblivion.
  • I have somewhat lost faith in humanity. People care about silly garbage, as what celebrities are interested in, or how big their SUV is, or what kind of fast food tastes good rather than trying to better themselves.
  • In terms of American politics, I consider myself neither a republican or democrat. The government is corrupted yes, but I honestly think that if you put some Joe Shmo from Hicksville in an office, it’ll probably be just as bad as it is now.
  • I know that people do not agree with me on a lot of these views, but one of the most important values of humanity is freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political views and ideals.

If you like or don’t like anything I say, post a comment and tell me why and how.

If you need to reach out to me somehow, or just want to talk to me, I can be found via Bitmessage and Tox if necessary (addresses coming soon). I only check messages on those in the evenings.