New old site

Written by  on April 14, 2022

So, after a bout with boredom, I decided to pull out my old computer from high school and play around with it. One of the things on my to do list for years was to fix this site, so I did that exact same thing.

So this is the result:

This was based off the original template me and some of my friends at the time had started with back in the mid 00’s that was originally ripped off from some template site. Not much of that original code remains, I’ve taken what I had laying around, fixed some of the bugs, did new buttons (they used to be pill boxes that never loaded… blame laziness with filename case sensitivity), a new logo similar to that of this blog and called it a day.

You might notice it was tested using Mozilla Firebird. I had a few old copies of Firefox laying around back when it was lean and efficient, and used that as the test bed. I also loaded the last version of Mypal (Pale Moon fork that got nailed by the developers drama) to test with a modern browser. The code is cleaner, more efficient than it used to be, and should work on modern browsers fine. I have a few more things I will clean up to make it work on mobile devices and a slight bug with wide screen displays (the monitor used was a CRT monitor so I never noticed this until I went over to my daily driver machine) but I’ll fix that eventually.

I have a few other things I want to put on there, and have the eventual task of migrating this blog away from wordpress, that task might take as long as it did for me to ever finish that template (2007 to now, so that’s what, 15 years?) but I have some motivation now to go further.

I had some content laying around, one of them being a horrible “Choose your own adventure” game that I started working on the 2016 election (I was drinking with a few guys the weekend before election day when I started working on it and all actions/consequences were done by committee) and finished it a few years later after it was brought back up by one of my friends. I decided to not do anything with it because of “cancel culture” or something like that then at the time… It’s totally meant to be a joke but whatever. I do have another one that is drafted up that is supposed to be a parody of one I vaguely remember flipping through a book when I was a kid but it’s not 100% done yet. I need a few more ideas tossed to me one night to finish it.

Right now that’s about it for content. I’ll eventually migrate the Space Junk Stories (what’s published) over to the site again away from the blog, and you can kind of see the long term plot I’m working on with them. I’m in the air as to if I want to do them for free (my original intention) or find a small publisher that would do a paperback copy, which with current climate, I’m skeptical I could find anybody wanting to help me with that and not get much if any kind of cut from them. I could publish a few more chapters to be honest, but there’s been one transition point around Chapter 4 that I have not been fond of at all during the whole lifespan of the story. I have a sequel also in the works, it’s about 25% done.

Coming soon: Some blog writeup entries of what I’ve seen going on with the world over the past few years and some more content to load in.

Side note: If you read the about page on that site… You’ll notice I mention I did this in Dreamweaver…

I wasn’t kidding.