Changes coming up

Written by  on January 15, 2016

I’ve decided that after having to reset this place a handful of times so far due to getting nailed by zero day exploits coming from Russia and China that I will be moving this platform off of WordPress to something else. I seem to do more janitorial work on the backend than I do actually writing anything because of this platform. I’ve yet to decide on what platform, I even debated returning to just a static layout that I had previously on older projects that this blog came from. Likely if push comes to shove, I’ll write my own platform, although my web design skills are over 10 years out of date now.

In the past 6 months, this site has gone two server migrations in the process. Currently we’re running on a machine running Devuan Linux.  I wasn’t a fan of the way Debian (or some of the other mainstream Linux distributions) was going and after toying with OpenBSD for a while I decided to try and stick to something I’m familiar with.  I will be rolling out SSL on this server and make it mandatory within the week likely.

Also looking back at some of the stuff I wrote myself, I think I might revisit a few topics, mainly since my views on a few things have changed since then.

Also, anyone have forms of motivation to finish a 12 year old book that’s had its entire plot designed out but not fully written?