Breast cancer, why is it the only hyped cancer?

Written by  on October 28, 2012

Ever notice that everything donates money for breast cancer research?
How come no other cancer research is represented? You never see “wear blue for testicular cancer research” or “wear purple for brain cancer research”. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Now I know someone who had breast cancer. She survived, apparently the survival chances are fairly high. I also knew someone with brain cancer. He died in a matter of months, chances of survival are nil apparently.
My main concern is all these breast cancer funding organizations, how much actually donate what they get to the scientists actually doing the research? I recall one foundation only was donating 1% to the scientists actually doing the research and the foundation taking the donations was raking in hundreds of millions of dollars.  For a nonprofit, they were sure making quite a profit eh?
Also, if one makes a remark about why others don’t get the attention breast cancer gets, they get labeled a “Woman hater”. That’s not being a woman hater, that’s being fair.
Oh, and when chicks on facebook were doing that bra color thing, I got the same remark made at me. I said “telling the world what bra you’re wearing does jack shit for cancer research. If you want to do something, fund the universities doing research on it.” Right off the bat, I recived a death threat and a ton of insults labeling me things like “woman abuser”, others suggesting I need to get castrated, etc. It was like making that comment was the most offensive thing on Earth. It wasn’t. I was being objective.

Bottom line: Focus on cancer research on ALL cancers, not just one.