Why Engineering Students Dislike Other Majors

Written by  on March 24, 2012 

It’s very common if you have friends who are engineering majors. They have a massive dislike towards students of other majors, especially art majors. It’s understandable, I have the same feelings.

I’m close friends with a Business major, and a nursing major. I give some more respect to the nursing major with some exceptions, most of my classmates are the same. We’re bitter for reasons.

First of all, the workload. I’m a 4.5th year engineering student. I’ve been in college since the Spring of 2007. I probably won’t graduate for another full semester. This was because I spread my classes out a bit more than most other students do, that and because I worked 2 full/part-time jobs the entire time also to pay my way through school. (I don’t believe in taking out excessive amounts of money in the form of loans, exception being perhaps a house.) Most of my friends do 18 credit hours a semester. At least one of those classes a semester is a engineering/science lab course, which really should be a 6 credit hour course. You can enter the engineering buildings here at Carolina any time of the day, including 3:30AM and see people walking around and working on stuff like it’s any other time of day. Not saying that other majors have the same issue, it’s just not as common.

Now comparing students of other majors I know. One person I know who is a nursing student, she spends 4  out of 7 nights a week getting wasted (with plenty of photographic evidence on facebook), and somehow has a near 4.0GPA. Now either that major is easy as hell, or the courses don’t involve that much time. I know for a fact she is not a smart person. She spent a lot of her time in high school asking people for answers and or paying others off with sex to get her answers. Now my business major friends. One of them gets wasted 3 out of 7 nights a week and on top of that has a 4.0GPA. Sitting in a few of his classes, all the students in that class needed calculators to subtract 48,000 from 60,000. The answer is 12,000, and you morons needed calculators?

Most of my other friends with my major are the same way. And that is the reason they are bitter too. It’s some what more insulting when they complain about having too much to do when they only spend 3 hours a week doing homework, whereas a lot of us spend over 80 hours a week doing stuff for school. Imagine doing that load too while working, it sucks.

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