Doom and Gloom Television News

Written by  on February 20, 2012 

Have you ever noticed how often most TV cable news networks are portraying the world as being in a “Doom and Gloom” situation? For example, some channels are blaming President Obama for everything wrong going on with this country, others are blaming the republicans in congress for why everything is going wrong.

They’re both wrong.

There’s a lot wrong with the country, I will admit that. Rampant lobbying (aka bribes), businesses screwing people over, SOPA/Protect-IP, etc. Yes, nothing gets done in congress, however that’s the way our country is set up. Two political parties who are in polar opposite views (unless money is thrown at them) and will not discuss anything with each other, that’s the main problem.


Speaking about SOPA, I saw NBC talking about it during the website blackouts a while ago. They made sure to go out of their way to label Google and Wikipedia as organizations that “permit thievery.” Makes me kinda wonder if the people running these news outlets are the whole reason people act like they are today in the first place.

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